In all real estate and business ventures in which the Goddard Companies participates it strives to provide the highest level of quality, value and integrity. Through hard work, success is achieved.

Wayne S. Goddard, President/General Counsel of the Goddard Companies

“Even though quality cannot be defined, you know what quality is.” -Robert M. Pirsig

At the Goddard Companies, we firmly believe that anything worth doing is worth doing right; the first time.  If something is done properly, it should last for a long time, be timeless in appearance and not have to be redone prematurely.  Quality work is not expensive, quite the contrary; in the long run it saves time, money and valuable resources.

“If it doesn’t add value, it’s waste.” -Henry Ford

The Goddard Companies specializes in ‘value add’ real estate re-development.  Oftentimes assets decline in value because they have not been maintained, need to be updated or simply have outlasted their usable life.  At the Goddard Companies we can see value where others do not.  Whether it’s converting an outdated warehouse into a vibrant new office and retail complex, or repositioning a tired, but well located, building with timeless, high quality, façade and core improvements, we seek to add value.  Decades old buildings often reveal a time when craftsmen labored with their hands and hearts to create solid, beautiful, work product.  With this principle in mind, the Goddard Companies seeks to bring value to every real estate and business venture in which it participates.

“Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.” -C.S. Lewis

In all negotiations, business dealings and agreements, the Goddard Companies strives to act with integrity and expects the same from the person on the other side of the table. Integrity is not just the best policy…it’s the only policy.  In our Specialty Service businesses, each of our operating partners must demonstrate a commitment to integrity and honesty in all dealings.  Integrity comes before profit ALWAYS!  Integrity, along with honesty and loyalty to purpose and partnership are the attributes of successful people, ventures and projects.  It is these qualities that set apart the Specialty Service businesses of the Goddard Companies.

Hard Work…
“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like [hard] work.” -Thomas Edison

 Oftentimes the greatest factor in determining the success of an undertaking is the commitment to working harder than the competition.   The success and growth of the Goddard Companies and each of its Specialty Service businesses is attributable to the hard work of our development and management teams as well as that of our operating partners in the field.  We feel ‘lucky’ to be presented with great opportunities to buy, build and manage great properties and businesses, but luck is simply the intersection of ability and opportunity; and hard work is the creator of luck.  The Goddard Companies rarely seeks out business and real estate opportunities; rather such opportunities are usually presented to our development team because of our reputation and proven track record of redeveloping and restoring profitability to real estate assets or building and scaling a Specialty Service business.

It all started with a BMX Bike…

The Goddard Companies was founded, and is exclusively owned by, Wayne S. Goddard.  He is a highly focused entrepreneur by nature. In the mid 1980’s, Wayne started a neighborhood lawn service in La Plata, Maryland at the age of 13 for the purpose of earning enough money to buy a high quality-but expensive-($400 at the time) freestyle BMX bike, a 1985 Skyway Street Beat.  After obtaining his driver's license at the age of 16, and with the help of his parents, including his recently retired father, the business grew into a full-service residential and commercial lawn maintenance business. This dedication to self-employment continued throughout and after his college years and still exists today.

Mr. Goddard graduated from law school in 1998, was admitted to the Maryland Bar that same year, and has more than 25 years of experience in construction litigation, real estate litigation, and related transaction work, including complex contract and lease negotiations as well as private equity structuring.

In his free time, Wayne enjoys woodworking, spending time with his family and friends and cheering on the Clemson Tigers.